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How it works:

The process:

Using our pipeline to the major media, we get you quoted by 200+ media outlets, including affiliates of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC in 30 days or less, guaranteed or DOUBLE your money back.

Ideally, your quote is 50-120 words about how what you do solves a pressing, real-world problem your ideal target market has. See examples.

Ideally, included with your quote is a link to some kind of irresistible special offer you create that provides a free, no-obligation solution to this problem. This offer should be meaningful, relevant and timely to demonstrate your expertise and lead qualified prospects to conclude that they should contact you.

Ideally, the link leads to a registration web page so you can capture prospects’ names and email addresses to follow up and build your email list. Building your email list is the most important benefit of media positioning. As your list grows, so will your income.

How this helps you:

Once cited, you have the right to say you were quoted by these media and you can place logos on your website, Google+, and on your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profile photos.

Qualified prospects will see the logos as a form of social proof that you have been recognized by major media outlets. This will differentiate you from your competitors who have not been quoted by any media, which will probably be most, if not all of them.

Media representatives who see your “logo-ized” photo or see the media logos on your website may contact you for comments about issues affecting your business category.

It’s also possible that as you develop a solid media presence, a reporter, broadcast producer, influential blogger or freelance writer may contact you for more in-depth comments or might even want to do a feature story about you or your business.

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